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Our Heritage. It took three generations of women and a thousand nights of work to bring the heritage behind Layalina to life. A precious savoir-faire passed down from mother to daughter, intimate conversations whispered between creative women, these are the secrets that hide in the silk touching your skin. We believe that the feminine mystique shines brightest at night, that the beauty of a woman is revealed by moonlight, that true intimacy exists somewhere between sunset and sunrise. Our handmade creations are designed for those moments that belong to you entirely. Our flawless and delicate craftsmanship, combined with Italian silk and Dentelle de Calais, dress you in luxuriously unique works of art. Each of our alluring haute-couture collections will breathe new life into your nights.


Layalina is reconnecting sumptuous nightwear with its classically elegant roots in the feminine mystique. With a sultry vibe as sleek as the luxurious textiles it is woven into, you can expect the quality of yesteryear – a time when delicate handwork was a sign of sophistication and genuine French lace evoked an air of romance that could stop time. Layalina’s creations are infused with the very essence of femininity, from concept to fruition and even the depiction of our brand.
It’s a story of past, present, and future told through exquisite waves of fine silks and radiant satins that illuminate the beauty of the occasion. It’s more than elevated style. It’s an experience.

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